Monday, December 12, 2005


Strange but True!

Mr. Wiggles

Ok, so I was walking home from the metro today and I was in a grouchy mood. Metro was slow, full of people yapping on their cell phones and the guy next to me was gnawing on his finger nails (which were bloody stumps).

Anyway, as I was walking home in the crisp winter air, I came across an interesting sight. My head was down and I was walking along and all of the sudden into my field of vision marches this little dachshund. Now, while I love most dogs, dachshunds tend to be the exception, they're yappy and small. But this little guy was wearing a little Burberry jacket (note: I don't live in a neighborhood where dogs usually wear clothing-realators call it a "transitional" neighborhood..) and just trotting along by himself, as if he was headed to meet some friends for cocktails.

I think he new he was sporting some stylish duds. I stopped in my tracks and he looked up, wagging his tail. I patted him on the head, tried to make small talk. He was apparently in a hurry, and trotted off.

Just when you think you can be all cynical and grouchy...some little oddity steps up and puts a huge smile on your face.

Good night Mr. Wiggles, where ever you are!

Ha! He thinks he's people!

--Midgie C.
Oh he so does...A monacle would have been Killer!
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