Monday, January 09, 2006


The Trouble with Harry

Harry Belefonte Needs a History Lesson

I was enjoying my morning until I read this. Spending my time getting 'all up in here' with my Bush detracting. Then I read this nonsense about Harry Belafonte, you know the Banana Boat singer and now apparently excitable pro-socialist. Harry, it seems, needs a history lesson.

Mr. Belafonte was in Venezuela (soon to be the new Iraq), and claimed that "President Bush is the greatest terrorist in the world". A bit of hyperbole don't ya think Harry. Bush is many things, but topping the list of world's terrorists he aint. I mean has Mr. Belafonte heard of folks like Stalin (estimated to have killed 20-30 million), Mao (30-ish million), Pol Pot (1-3 million) and the list goes on.

Bush is a poor president by my estimating, but he isn't the evil usurper these washed up Hollywood commies make him out to be...not by a long shot. Mr. Belafonte's comments are offensive in the diservice they do to tyrants around the world. I guess, yet again, I have a reminder that there are crazies to the right of me (last week Pat Robertson) and to the left of me (Michael Moore, Harry Belafonte).

Perhaps Mr. Belafonte is trying to work through his guilt over the Banana Boat/Amos-n-Andy-esque song that put him on the map?! Day-O!

Sad and silly actually.

Speaking of sad, silly...Babs wieghs in on Iran...Still waiting to see her thoughts on the constitutionality of the Bush/NSA thing..that and an appolgy for Yentl...

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