Monday, January 02, 2006


Swan Song?

Moving on to other projects - Maybe

There used to be a time, when being a Republican was all about questioning the government. The assumption was the government was the least attractive alternative to perform functions in society...and the power of the federal government (and size) needed to be kept in check. Of course that's all changed now.

When it comes to the fearless (read: incompetent) leadership of President Bush, the only response is "George Bush is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known". He can disregard the constitution and spy on American citizens, drag our countries morals through the mud (torture), stoke the fires of intolerance and fear (FMA), expand the federal government (and spending) at an LBJ rate (Medicare drug benefit)/DHS, and even interfere in personal family decisions (Terri Schiavo) and still wave the banner of Reagan. He is no Reagan.

The truth is that over the past five years, we've witnessed the death of the GOP party that was (if ever) committed to limited government and the rights of individuals. Partly, of course, this is due to the rise of the southern states in importance to the party's claim on the majority position (and the southern states are such a good model on they rank pretty low on any scale- education, high divorce rates, high teen pregnancy, etc. But I'll save that for my therapist.

The GOP today is a bunch of koolaid drinking whinny wusses. Despite having control of the major branches of government, they are under siege at every turn and these enemies of America (mostly Americans who dare question their direction) who are so powerful they amount to a fifth column. Please.

Of course the Democrats aren't any better at this point. They're stuck in the wilderness wondering weather or not to embrace the centrist positions of the DLC as epitomized by Clinton or to take a track farther to the left along the lines of Howard Dean.

So, here I am stuck in the middle and darned tired of it too. There will be, without question, much to complain about in 2006, especially from these bozos...but what's the point really. Most people I meet on the road are reasonable - conservative or liberal - and don't represent the types of extreme silliness we see on either side...that gives me hope. So, perhaps it is time to direct my energies elsewhere for a on abook, another screen play or something. Hashing out my musings in the first 1/2 hour of the morning isn't going to change any hearts and minds...other than to demonstrate that even a highly education lawyer can't spell worth a damned.

So, we'll shall see...

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