Saturday, December 31, 2005


2005 Best Moments

Stuck in a Moment

There's a lot of disparaging of new year's resolutions and such. But for me, the Christmas-New Year's Holiday is a time of both reflection and expectation. Looking back on the year past and looking forward to the year ahead and what is possible.
I'm fortunate (blessed, lucky) to have been able to travel for both work and pleasure this year and that's led to a bunch of memories I'll look back foundly on. In general though, what I've found is that most people -around the country and around the world, are pretty reasonable, nice folks. What I fail to see are the zealots, left and right, that TV paints us as...after a year of ugly politics and scandal, this is what gives me hope...people are smarter than those of us in DC would believe and they'll get tired of this current crop of so-called leaders soon. Yet I digress..

Thinking back as I sit here at the breakfast table, I'm thinking of my favorite moments from the past year. There are many, but I'll try to pare it down to a handful.

Here we go, in no particular order:

Zip line jungle tour in Granada, Nicaragua. (Photo of me repelling down a giant cieba tree!)

Stumbling upon a small wedding in Pirates Alley, NOLA

Building a shed with Donkey...(Who'd have thought it would turn out so nice!)...

Walking on the Great Wall of China (Despite the fact is was 30 degrees with 30 mph winds)

Hanging with Midgie: Hey Midge...we didn't see each other nearly enough in 2005...

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