Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Strange But True..

Dude, are you trying to mug me?

So, I'm walking home from the metro tonight after hitting the gym. I'm noticing that there are many more Christmas lights in my neighborhood, and I think to myself, gee...I really like it here. I pause and remember that just a week ago I passed the daschund in a trench coat nearby and keep going.

I'm within a block from my house and a local looking kid is hanging out with his buddy. (I'm grooving out to "Careless Wisper" on the Ipod..how shameful...)

So one of the guys runs up to me and is like "Dude, give me your shit."

I pull my earphone out (even though I heard him) and I'm like "What? Shit? Huh? I don't have no shit?"

"No, I mean give me your stuff, you're money"

I keep walking, same pace.

"What?! Huh? ....I have no money I reply..Are you trying to mug me? and don't I know you? Don't you live in this neighborhood?"

He smiles, backs off and leaves...


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