Friday, December 16, 2005


Merry Christmas

From Congress


Sorry about no blogging this week, Congress decided to try to cram a year's worth of legislation into one week. As usual, they pretty much are doing more harm than good. With my staff of two, we managed to generate 1,000 of calls (from my clients) and personally send up more than 1,000 letters to Congress in the last few days...on a variety of issues. Right now we're 0-1...and there's so much to talk about on that one...(My industry - a sports related field - was targeted by the religious right to be excluded from hurricane relief tax an immoral industry?! Wha?!) And they won....Sigh...(Note: How is golf immoral?)

Then there's the Patriot Act, the immigration (e.g-seal the border bill) and other silliness....Needless to say I'm tired, and more annoyed than usual at Congress.

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