Saturday, December 17, 2005


Ahh Congress...

Christmans Card to Business/Immigrants/Poor= Drop Dead

Well, Congress is wrapping things up and heading home and as I mentioned yesterday, they tried to cram more than a year's worth of legislation into this final week. They couldn't have got it more wrong. My office found itself fighting two battles at once, 1) to keep all businesses in the bill for Katrina relief (we lost) and 2) working with the Business lobby (Chamber, NFIB, etc.) to defeat the House version of an immigration bill which would seal the borders and generally mess things up more than they already are. Oh and the killer is they passed a resolution saying that Congress is opposed to cuts to medicare, medicare, WIC and other programs for the poor....just one week after they cut all these programs by $50 billion dollars.

Congress is soo double plus good.

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