Friday, February 10, 2006


Everything Continues to Be Just Fine!

King George Protector of the Realm

Everything continues to be just dandy here in Washington, DC. King George and his courtesan continue to do everything in their power (and even stuff outside their scope of power to protect us.) Need proof? Here it is:

Bush details foiled 2002 terror plot: Yes, I totally believe it, and releasing this nugget of detail during hearings on his potentially unconstitutional spying is just pure coincidence, as is the small oversight that no one told the officials in LA about it.

Also, former courtesan, FEMA Director, and fashion God Michael Brown will testify today. Seems that Mr. Brown may drop some 'bombs' on how the administration knew about the levy failures right away, but waited to act. Hope he bought a nice new shirt for his appearance and of course let's hope he actually prepares for his testimony.

Seems that Jack Abramoff knew President Bush fairly well, and had traveled to the fabled Crawford Ranch (Elephant knows several lobbyists who've been to Bush's Ranch), seems Bush is a lot more like Reagan than we give him credit for as he 'doesn't remember' meeting Mr. Abramoff...or more succinctly.."Bush doesn't Know Jack!".

Scooter Libby gives it up and Cheney may have authorized his leaking of Plame's identity. More tough decisive action to protect the realm from enemies abroad and within....

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