Monday, February 20, 2006


Greedy, Disabled Canadians

A couple of my favorite things

One thing I find amusing is our inner assumption that those with disabilities are 'nice' and 'try hard.' Maybe it was Cancer-Boy who started this, or perhaps maybe it is just human nature to assume those who may be 'less-abled' are thankful for everything they have. The flaw in this logic though is that those with disabilities are just like you and I, capable of both bravery and courage, and just as capable of being jerks.

But a woman learns her lesson in Hawaii, beware the greedy, disabled Canadian.

(Actually, truth be told here this woman has a legal claim against the person who found the camera as the law is not 'finders keepers' but rather the finder has a claim to the camera against everyone else, except the true owner.)

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