Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Is John McCain

A Sell Out?

It's certainly starting to look that way. The self styled maverick republican can't seem to get enough of the President and now seems to be in a full embrace of Jerry Falwell. Perhaps he's forgotten that Mr. Bush and elements of the so-called religious right helped defeat his presidential bid in 2000 with push polls that -among other things- accused McCain of being 1) A traitor while captive in Vietnam, 2) a homosexual, and 3) crazy.

It now seems that Mr. McCain will be the graduation speaker at Liberty University. On of Mr. Falwell's money making ventures. If McCain is a true maverick he'd pull a Clinton and "Sister Soldier" Falwell. That'd be in character. Anything less will be a sell out and confirmation that true conservative ideals have been sold for the Bush branded big government socialism.

On can hope, but it looks like McCain is set to sell his soul.

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