Friday, March 31, 2006


Weekend Plans

Nice Weather...Finally!

Our cooler than normal spring seems to be fading away and the weather is getting nicer. It is supposed to be in the 60's here this weekend and I plan on spending most of my time outside doing yard work - one of my most favorite things. Here's the to do list:

1) Install garden boxes. (four 4ft. x 4ft. garden plots) - rather than buying fresh veggies this summer, I figured I'd grow my own....because nothing is as good as a fresh tomato, even if it actually costs me about $50/lb. to grow it.

2)Weatherproof privacy fence - It's two years old and it need a good coat of weather proofing stain...very Tom Sawyer.

3)Buy an edger- Hand trimming along 150 feet of fence is not fun...So I'll pick up one of these. (Although certainly not one that's this expensive.)

4)Fire up the grill! - charred animal flesh slathered in sweet, sweet, bar-b-que sauce...yummm!

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