Thursday, April 27, 2006


Why the Dems won't take the House in 06

Two Words: Nacy Pelosi

As much as I am not enamored with the track record of the current GOP majority, I'm profoundly perplexed by the continued inability of the Democrats to come up with a plan to take back the House and or Senate. I mean, the GOP majority has governed so badly this should be a cake walk. But when looks to the opposition to see what ideas or alternatives are on tap, what you find is a whole lot of nothing.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is part of the Dems. problems. As minority leader, she's supposed to be leading the charge and coordinating strategy and ideas for moving forward. But checking out the Minority Leaders website I found no policy alternatives. When the GOP took back the House they had a ten point plan (Contract with America) and said, vote for us and this is what you will get. Here's the "Policy Positions" found on the Democratic Leaderships website:

Health Care

What you will find at this links is not a set of alternate policy proposals, but rather a laundry list of gripes with the Bush Administration. We all have gripes with the Bush Administration and it is all fine and good to complain, but what we need is a clear, concise and well thought out set of alternatives to the direction we are going. Blaming high oil prices on a Bush and Big Energy Conspiracy just makes me think that you're as bad as the folks we've got in control right now. What voters need to know is that a Democratic Majority would be less-sucky than the current republican one and I don't think they've made their case.

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