Friday, August 11, 2006


Check Your Bags

For the "War" Effort, for a week or two...

Still seems to be a bit of chaos in the airports this week and we all try to shake out the implications of the latest attempt by "radical" Islamicists to convert us through yet another airplane explosion. (Or so the government tells me).

Here's an idea that will save us all a lot of time and frustration over the next two weeks or so. Check your roll on bag rather than carrying it on, at least for the next few weeks. It will speed up security screening and boarding and better yet, you won't have to ask me to lift it into the overhead bin for you*. That way you won't have to play stupid and be like "Oh, I didn't know that hydrogen peroxide was a liquid, or that hair gel is a 'gel'." It will save us all a bunch of time, and will speed the process of getting back to the normal hell of flying that much quicker.

*As a semi-frequent traveler, I get asked all the time by people to help them lift their overstuffed carry-on bag into the overhead bin. My philosophy is that if you personally can't lift your own bag, it is no longer a 'carry-on' bag and you should check it. So, I politely decline when asked and get called all sorts of is very "Curb your Enthusiasm," and sort of odd when someone you don't know (and probably wouldn't like if you did know) gets all mad at you for not doing their heavy lifting.

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