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Socail Issues

The Differences Between Repuplicans and Democrats...

Republicans tell you who you can sleep with and what you can do in bed. Democrats tell you where you can smoke and what you can eat. Apparently it is all about the vices...

It's not as simple as that. Foie gras is a direct result of animal torture, just like veal.

It's disgusting that people pay for and consume it, knowing it is the direct result of torture & suffering.

But, no it is that is called the food chain. And while force feeding an animal is cruel, so is eating them regardless of how nice you are about it.

You are more than welcome to try to convince me that it is cruel and I shouldn't eat it, I may even be sympathetic. But the ban on foie gras is as hypicritical as the GOP telling me what I can or cannot do in my bedroom.

The Chicago City Council has better things to worry about.

KEEP YOUR LAWS OFF MY BODY! (Especially my stomach).
And Thanks for the comment!
You really don’t see the difference between 1) an animal living in humane conditions until it is killed in a painless way for human consumption and 2) torturing an animal by force feeding it or torturing it by enclosing it in a small box, so every day of their life is misery?

The comparison to the GOP wanting to regulate bedroom activities and laws regulating how animals (even ones we eat) are treated makes no sense. The GOP wants to regulate what is happening between 2 adults engaged in consentual activities, activities that don’t affect anyone else- no one is being hurt. Laws regulating treatment of animals are so there so animals aren’t tortured and don’t live in inhumane conditions.

Of course animals have their place on the food chain. I eat meat, and have no problem with people that hunt or fish. But I try my best to make sure that what I do eat comes from animals that have been treated humanely.

Your argument seems to be that there should be no laws that govern how animals are treated since they are lower than humans on the food chain. That makes no sense, especially from the guy who likes to post links to pictures on Cute Baby Animal sites.

Always with the deep thinking!


You can ban foie gras and people will still eat it.

Better to educate them (like on veal) and give them the freedom to make an educated choice about the matter. Most will do the right thing and not eat it. So really I'm "pro-choice" on the matter. I don't think, until very recently, most people (me included) knew this was the case. I don't eat veal..and probably won't be eating foie gras

Same thing on the bedroom stuff. Educate and let the people decide for themselves how to handle it. Consenual sex can lead to pregnancy and then - like the goose - someone else gets "hurt"..namely the fetus if the pregnancy is unwanted and terminated, (but even leaving this cliche argument aside, there's the cost of STDs and such as well.) So, allow open debate, access to birth control and abortion. Leave such decisions to educated individuals not the government.

Perhaps at this late hour it is just the classic trap of a slippery slope, but the libertarian in me has concerns. Can we defend a women's right to choose when the left-side of the spectrum (granted a subset of the left) is pushing for rights and protections for geese? If a geese has legal rights, then should a fertilized zygote? A blasocyst? An embryo?

I think it makes the arguments harder....(especially when you have people like PETA saying they'd oppose a cure for AIDS if it required animal testing).

My point here isn't to minimize the suffering of animals...I generally like them more than most people. It is to minimize the government micro managing such decisions. If every little sub group goes and lobbies for bans on this, bans on that, before we know it we can't really do anything and we live in some sort of Orwellian/Attwoodian/Spurlockian distopia.

Give me the information, let me decide and be judged by my friends, family and my God...Most will do the right thing.

Of course, I've lost the argument anyway, as I've proven my first rule of blog comments. 1) All political debates end in abortion...

Anyway, all I really want to do is to mock government...

I'm such a cliche....but I hope you love me none-the-less....
Of course I love you, but your arguements tying laws against animal cruelty to a woman's right to choose make no sense to me!

So, I will simply do GOB's Chicken Dance (CAW CA CAW, clap, clap, clap) and leave it at that!
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