Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Willed Suspension of Disbelief

To be a Republican today is to surrender reason for an ever-shifting reality of convenience in support of an administration drunk with its own power. The unhinged depravity from the White no longer shocks my sensibilities; it's just the brazen, transparent disregard for the rule of law that's still stings.

What's more shocking is that the Congressional GOP leadership seems blind to how their silence or support of the President's commutation of convicted felon Scooter Libby effectively neuters their moral authority on government accountability. Just like they’ve surrendered on restraining government power and just about every other value that makes a Republican a Republican

These are the same people who (rightfully I might add) impeached a President for lying under oath in a civil matter. I cheered when the GOP set such a lofty benchmark for our highest office. Now some of the very same people are telling me that perjury and obstruction of justice related to the exposure of a CAI agent as political payback is somehow not worthy of punishment?

To quote Lisa Simpson, "They don't expect me to buy this tripe?"

Conservatives should be both appalled and outraged. Their contribution to the American experience is an ethos that holds high personal responsibility, integrity and consequences for ones actions as cornerstones for a healthy society. Loyalty does not trump justice. President Bush didn't stick his finger in the eye of the left, he ground under his heel the very set of values he claims to uphold. What's even worse is that those who claim to be champion of these values cheer him on as he destroys everything they claim to stand for.

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