Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Cruel Summer Update III:

Just this week the President and Mr. Cheney were again announcing thier belief that Sadaam Hussien was working with Al Queda. While I agree that Al-Queda is probably not working to undermine our efforts in Iraq, I have doubts that they were involved with Sadaam pre-invasion. Sadaam's regime was anethema to what Al-Queda stands for, it was secular and promoted equality for women (albiet only those women complicent with the dictitorial regime's brutal policy). CNN is breaking that the 9/11 Commission (whose report will be part of Bush's summer challenges) will report findings that Commission reports "no credible evidence" that al Qaeda and Iraq cooperated in 9/11 attacks on United States.

Of course the Administration and their proxies are ginning up the homophobia machine to schedule a vote on FMA around the same time the report is set to be released....hide the children!

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