Sunday, June 13, 2004


Bush Asks Foreign Govt. to Intervene in Constitutional Debate

No sooner did I stumble upon this story than it seems to have been pulled from the web. Drudgereport had a posting up on Sunday that reported that President Bush asked Pope John Paul II to command U.S. Bishops to speak out in support of amending the U.S. Constitution to ban gay marriage, civil unions and other legal arrangements among same-sex couples. In other words, President Bush has asked a foreign government to intervene in a debate of the U.S. Constitution.

Elephant would support the president petitioning U.S. Catholic Bishops to discus the issue, but it's offensive (and somewhat desperate) to ask the leader of the Vatican See (A sovereign nation) to directly intervene on issues related to the U.S. Constitution. It's as wrong as putting U.S. military intervention up for a U.N. veto.

At least Bush can say he's a multi-lateralist.

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Precarious Pachyderm,

For what it's worth, all I heard on this topic was that President Bush informed the Pope of the need that Americans have for strong leadership on issues of morality about which the Roman Catholic Church and the GOP happen to agree, and that the President encouraged the Pope to instruct his bishops and priests to make a strong stand on those issues.

It would be foolish beyond the need for comment if the President had asked for "help" in getting the FMA passed from the Pope. I think the extent to which you would support the President in this matter is about has far as he went. Slanting the coverage into making it look as if the President was pleading for assistance would be an irresponsible extrapolation and that would probably explain why it was pulled from the air.
Sorry for the double posting...

I got an error and it didn't seem as though the posting went through the first time.
Not a problem. The story ran in the NYT's so I'm waiting for another source before I pass judgement. And although we don't agree on the need for FMA, it's nice we agree that it is our debate...not the vatican's....

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