Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Bush as Reagan? Not So Fast Says Ron Jr. and Nancy

The New York Times ran an interesting peice today on comments made by Reagan's son Ron who tried to distinguish between a president guided by faith and one whose motives go deeper.

"But a friend of the Reagan family, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Mr. Reagan, who did not return a call seeking comment on Monday, was deeply uncomfortable with the way the Bush administration intertwined religion and politics and felt compelled to say so at the burial of his father, a ceremony watched by millions."

Good for you Ron!

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Precarious Pachyderm,

Unfortunately, IF, NYT is correct, and Ron was attempting to take a swipe at President Bush for his stand on embryoninc stem-cell research, I think that Ron is totally in the wrong.

The distinction that Ron made (mandate vs. responsibility) doesn't really fit. A mandate is a reason that you have a responsibility, and therefore, if is President Reagan treated "doing good" as a responsibility, that implies that he had a mandate from which that responsibility must have sprung. The only meaningful distinction that I can discern is that having a mandate does not imply the character required to stick with it all the way, but a responsibility would. In this case, President Bush's stance on embryonic stem-cell research demonstrates that he sees it as a responsibility not just a mandate.

Finally, I think that, according to President Reagan's own stances, he (President Reagan) would have stood on the same side of the issue with President Bush. President Reagan was staunchly opposed to abortion, and thought that all human life was of equal value (note the quote where he's burried).

If Ron was trying to take a swipe at President Bush, I think he was being selfish and ignoring his Father's wishes. I suppose we can all cut him some slack since he was in very real pain, but the fact remains that I don't think there's any reason to believe that President Reagan would have wanted human embryos to be killed so that he could live.

Bush is standing on principle with this issue as well as any number of other ones... That's an awful lot like President Reagan. Way to go, George!
I agree that there are some similarities between Bush and Regean, but Reagan helped bring the Soviets down without firing a shot and his use of faith in politics was much broader and thes "us against them" than Bush has been.
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