Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Manic Monday

My Morning Rant

Wow, it's been a long time since I've had 'one of those days,' but yesterday certainly qualifies.

You're Fat:
First as I am walking into the office someone comes up and hands me a flyer about 'coping with obesity.' (And they weren't handing them out to just anyone.... for the record Elephant is just over 6ft tall, around 220lbs, 48 chest, 36 waist and 17 arms...beefy maybe...but obese?) Anyway, I should have turned around and headed home at that point.

Your Flight Home for Christmas has Been Cancelled:
Next I headed into my office and while dosing up on caffeine was reading USAToday. In the travel section they had a story on how Independence Air is trimming service to selected cities and the city I'm flying home to for the Holidays was on that list. I checked out my online reservation to discover that they've dropped my flight to the Midwest, although I still have a flight returning to DC. I called to see if they could book me on an earlier flight, but having cut service from six flights a day to one, the remaining flight is full. "You should have called earlier,� they said. Alternative flights home for the holidays are now priced close to $1,000. So they're working with me to find an alternate flight. We shall see.

We Will Install Your Gas Service in March, If You're Lucky
The two events above merely set the stage for the humdinger of the day. After pestering the gas company for four months now to hook up my house to service, I was excited to learn last Friday that they had scheduled yesterday for my installation. Getting hooked up to gas service has been an ordeal. My builder initially contacted the gas company back in July and after months of pestering and a $15,000 payment, they promised to be out yesterday to connect the gas pipeline to the House. (Maybe about four feet of piping!). Well, it was cloudy yesterday and no one showed up, nor did anyone call. So I called the gas company to see what was up. When I finally spoke with the engineer on my account he said that they weren't coming out because it was raining. "But it's not raining" I said (and it wasn't). He didn't like that much, nor did he like the fact that I've spoken with the Public Services Commission (which is the government oversight organization of monopoly unities), although I have not yet filed a formal complaint with them I have been keeping them abreast of the insanity of dealing with Washington Gas. So, he says that since I've talked with the PSC and I'm clearly not happy with the process, I can go to the back of the line and I may get service in March. Then he hangs up on me. GEESH!

I just want to be their customer...is that so wrong? Apparently yes, yes it is. So, I'm waiting to see if they arrive today. If not, then I'm going to have to buy a new furnace to get through the winter and perhaps hire a lawyer to sue em...which is unfortunate since that process will drag on for years at best. Sigh!

So far Tuesday's looking better!

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