Thursday, November 18, 2004


Message to the American Family Association

The Onion is a Satirical Newspaper!

Yes folks, welcome to the great re-learning. Apparently some hack over at the American Family Association read a satirical article in the Onion and used it as a basis for their press release on how America's number 1 movie is a secret ploy to turn your child gay. It'd be sad if it weren't true.

I haven't seen Shark tale, but it sounds to me, at least basing my conclusions on the AFA's press release, that the core message here is about tolerance, not homosexuality. Of course to anyone at the AFA, vegitarianism is probably a sure sign of gayness anyway.

I'm looking forward to their white paper on Bert and Ernie.

Something's Swishy About Shark Tale:
Cartoon Primes Kids with a Pro-Homosexual Message

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