Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Fun with Socialists

Last night, while waiting for a bus home, I was approached by a shabby, yet earnest young man handing out fliers for a counter inaugural protest in January. I'm no fan of Bush and yet, standing in a crowd of patchuli smelling hippy wanabes doesn't exactly thrill me either. (Unless of course the 'puppets for peace' movement is in attendance). Anyway, I politely took his flier and put it in my brief case. Next he asked if I'd like to buy a copy of the "Socialist Worker" newspaper.

"Buy?!" I inquired.

"Yes, it's a great paper." He replied.

"Shouldn't it be free?" I asked.

He looked curious, "What do you mean?"

"Well" I began, "It seems to me that you own the means of production here. And I, a working bloke, should receive the benefit of that shouldn't I? I mean, since you're no doubt exploiting someone's labor to produce this." I smiled.

He left.

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