Monday, December 27, 2004


Goodbye USAirways

Baggage Handler's the Last Nail in Airline's Coffin.

Elephant luckily avoided the travel turmoil that engulfed the Midwest over the holiday weekend. My journey was without delay or any problem at all.

Pity the Delta passengers who were stranded due the blizzard in Cincinnati and the crippling computer meltdown. But more shameful seems to be the sick out by the baggage handlers from USAirways. The sick out by baggage handlers and flight attendant's left 1,000s without luggage (and gifts) or just waiting at the airport. In their second bankruptcy, the airline needs all the concessions it can get, which apparently have gone beyond what it's workers are willing to take. Such labor unrest is a bad sign, one that will have me avoiding booking a flight on USAirways in the new year. Others will follow and it's looking like 2005 will be fatal for them.

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