Monday, January 17, 2005


FMA: What did I tell you about this?

Bush won't push FMA in 2005.

Of course he won't. This whole gay marriage thing is too useful as a scare tactic to drive voters to the polls.

Elephant said before the election and after that the GOP has never been serious about passing FMA, the lack of a national consensus on same-sex marriage allows for state initiatives and general scare tactics to drive conservative, evangelical voters to the polls. But even Elephant knows that the typical religious right voter isn't that stupid and will increasingly ask themselves, is it worth it?

Of course just as the attacks on traditional marriage seem to have abated for 2005, don't be surprised to see the whole issue reemerge as a crisis in 2006. When a tactic works at the ballot box, it's a sure bet it will be used again and again and again.

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