Thursday, March 10, 2005


Elephant In Exile, Inc. Annual Board Meeting

Eat your heart out Ken Lay, We don't even keep record of our accounts.

Ok, I'm taking Friday off of work to pick out EIE's occasional contributor and professional skeptic Midgie Cramblin at the Airport tomorrow.

We're convening the first annual meeting of the EIE board of directors. It seems with all this talk of the GOP cutting subsidies for cotton, that the EIE corporation will have to find other ways to stay on the government payroll. We're thinking that we may be able to get the government to pay us not to grow corn, but we'll have to check up on that. In addition we're trying to line up corporate sponsors for the board meeting...Calls are in to Budweiser and Altria (aka-the Marlboro folks).

Full board minutes will follow next week.

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