Thursday, March 10, 2005


No Taxpayer Subsidies for Drug Abusers

MLB Vows to Fight Steroid Subpoenas

They pay their players 100's of millions of dollars, are exempt from federal antitrust laws and are lavished with taxpayer subsidies to build stadiums to play in. So I take offense to MLB saying that Congress doesn't have a right to subpeona players to discuss the use of steriods in baseball.

[Baseball Lawyer] said the committee wanted to violate baseball's first amendment privacy rights and was attempting to "satisfy their prurient interest into who may and may not have engaged in this activity."

Message to lawyer: Your client does not have a first amendment right to engage in illegal activity. If the over paid MLB players don't want to testify, they can always invoke the Fifth Amendment, but that would probably kill their endorsement deals and how can any professional athlete live on only a $70million dollard salary.


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