Thursday, April 21, 2005


Happy Birthday to My iBook

One year, No Problems

A year ago, my toshiba laptop got some kind of bug and would randomly shut down for no apparent reason and in the process corrupted all my music files. Having fallen in love with my iPod, I decided to make the switch and purchase an Apple Laptop. To save some bucks I purchased my computer on Ebay and got a pretty good deal. Now, one year later, all I can say it that my iBook laptop has delivered the computing experience I've imagined, but until now have been denied.

The most impressive aspect of having my iBook, is that there have been no problems transferring files from my office PC onto my mac for things like powerpoint presentations and large word documents (at work I get to write long treatises on things like tax-exempt exciting as it sounds!).... Anyway, probably the best tech purchase I've made, and one you should consider when your current computer is on its last legs....

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