Thursday, July 07, 2005


They Attacked Us Before Iraq, Afganistan...

Pointing the Finger

Pointing the Finger

Hope the following postings weren't too blustery. Like everyone else, I'm saddened by what happened in London this morning. But please don't get me wrong, the folks who did this didn't do it because we are in Iraq or Afghanistan, they killed 2800 in the World Trade Center before that even happened. Are they fighting imperialism? Nope. They're fighting all the things they think represent the worst in the women's rights, gay rights, religious freedom, tolerance and pluralistic, democratic societies that are the West.

At the same time, I reject claims that those at home who've criticized the war in Iraq are to blame. I mean if we weren't engaged with 100,000 troops in Iraq, just think of the inroads we could have made against Al Qaada? Questioning our leadership and protesting their decisions is one of the very reasons they attack us, because we enjoy a freedom in the West that few Muslim countries enjoy. Attacking those opposed to Iraq is just more divisiveness (That show a lack of leadership as discussed above) and doesn't strengthen our resolve against the enemy.

At the same time, those doing the attacking should take note that although from the outside we here in the State's appear to be a barely cohesive, bickering, and dysfunctional family, attacking us here will only help us find common ground, and perhaps, clearer leadership in the war against you all.

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