Friday, July 22, 2005


Weekend Reading

Summer-itis Edition

It's been a crazy week here at the office. Congress is winding down for it's August recess and as a result, my work load is light. Yesterday, I totally spaced out for about two hours, not asleep, but not really here. When I came to, I had to shake my head to figure out where I was. Such is life in the DC in the summertime...and I still get paid for this!

Anyway Weekend Reading is back and it's a poturi of topics....Enjoy!

Let a Thousand Filters Bloom
Corporations have one duty, to maximize return on investments for thier stock holders. But lately, interet companies bounding headlong into China have shown a troubling willingness to put freedom in the back seat....literally. Is this a good or bad thing, or is it just a thing? Who knows...

All Happy Families: Lock 'em Up

Funny thing is yesterday Canada legalize same-sex marriage, at the same time the so-called 'Christians' here in the states have gotten their panties in a knot over gay adoption. Better to leave the kids in orphanenges than to have them raised by...gasp....gays. Great article that focuses on the fact that this isn't a battle over preventing gay families from forming...they already are here, but a battle over providing them with the legal rights needed to protect each other and thier children.

Countdown to a Meltdown

Another great 'what if' peice from the folks at the Atlantic. A bit over the top if you ask me. I don't think America will crash on the scale that is suggested here, but rather we'll slowly be eclipsed by China as our power is curtailed by fiscal recklessness here at home. A good read.

Only three articles people, I know thinking-reading-doing are hard this time of year.

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