Friday, July 29, 2005


Yes! We Have no Bananas!

Is the Banana About to Become Extinct?

I really don't like to eat fruit. Oh I know it is healthy and such, but it's too sweet for my tastes. (On the other hand I loooove vegetables...) I do however, like Bananas. Anyway, I stumbled upon this article today and found it stunning! Did you know...

-That all bananas we eat are the same species.

-That prior to the 1960s farmers grew a type of banana called "Big Mike".

-Big Mike was wiped out by a fungus, and inspired that song "Yes, we have no bananas!"

-Now the bananas we eat "The Cavendish" are being attacked by fungus and could be wiped out in as little as five years?!

Bottom line, we all might soon be saying..."Yes we have no bananas."

A very interesting article.,20967,1076199,00.html

Hmm...that would suck. Bananas are good.
That totally would suck. But I didn't know that the bananas our parents ate are very different than the ones we eat today. The article indicates that the "Big Mikes" were better than the "Cavendish" we eat today...although at some level, eating a "Big Mike" does sound a litte...well..dirty.

Have a great weekend.
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