Tuesday, August 09, 2005


The Reganization of DC

The District of Reagonia

Yet again, those nut jobs on the Hill are looking to name yet another landmark after former President Ronald Reagan. I have nothing against Reagan. I think we was one of the two best Presidents during my lifetime so far. (The other? Clinton).

Anyway, here in DC we already have the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center (The largest office building in the city) and of course we also have the cumbersome Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The bill that cropped up just before recess would have renamed DC's historic 16th Street after the late President. The bills sponsor, Henry Bonilla, didn't even bother to mention this to our duly elected government. (We have no vote in Congress). Anyway, if Mr. Bonilla wants to name stuff after President Reagan in his district (San Antonio) then I think he should. Perhaps the Alamo can be renamed the Ronald Reagan Patriot Center at the Alamo or something like that. Moron.

Perhaps he is also forgetting the his party is trying to repeal our gun ban and allow DC citizens to carry loaded weapons. Another great idea...allow the 575,000 disenfranchised residents of DC to carry arms. I'll be leading the charge up Capitol Hill.

9 Street-renaming plan ignores D.C. residents

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