Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Gasp, Laugh, Cry

DeLay declares 'victory' in war on budget fat

Dude, what the heck is going on with the GOP leadership?! There is no fat in the budget?! Dear God Man! Federal spending has climbed by nearly 1/3 under the GOP majority, and a good portion of it is waste. (Also, this doesn't count the Iraq war costs which are 'off budget items').
The arrogance, the idiocy...the hubris.... If the Dems can pull together a cohesive plan and put up some decent candidates (BIG IF MIND YOU!)... they might possibly be able to retake the majority...and the GOP deserves the loss if you ask me.

Also, my assistant M just reported that Congresswoman and Senate hopeful Katherine Harris was wearing a tiara on the floor of the House today...How sad, and how sadly appropriate.

All of the above together.
Sad, so very, very sad...
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