Monday, September 12, 2005


Google Goes Crap-Tastic

Dude, WTF?

The bloom is off the rose a google, or so it would seem. I'm a huge googler, and turn to it first if I'm looking for some info for work, or better yet, at work looking to waste time. But last week I was perplexed by what seemed to be a google-meltdown- I could search for anything, it would error out. This week while searching to an article for a client in some obscure newspaper, the whole first page the search returns is pure garbage....the first page of hits are all meta search sites, regardless of what I'm searching for. It blows chunks....

What's going on? Looks like I'm back to yahoo or some other crap-tastic search engine...this is soo lame...

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Yeah, I am also not very thrilled with the Google AdSense I got for my new website...of course, maybe I am just not familiar enough with it yet. But still, it seems weak, and I expected more of Google.

Google Earth is pretty cool, though, and people were doing overlays with it to try and give people an idea of flooding. So...Google is less "par excellent" but it has its points.
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