Tuesday, January 10, 2006


If it is Tuesday...

Then my gas service must be out...again..

Arggghhhhhh! Without referencing my ever growing documentation as to why Washington Gas is perhaps the worst company ever, I can't recall if this is time number 7 or 8 that my gas service (and heat) has gone out since December 26th. But I do know that last night when I got home from work my furnace was out, so I tested it and it is in fine working order. What gets me red faced angry about this is that if your service goes out, you can only call between 9 am and 5 pm (Monday to Friday) to report it, as it is not a 'emergency'.

I'm really at the breaking point with these bozos. Thank goodness my water heater and stove are electric or my house would be unlivable. Perhaps I need to lobby city council to require Washington Gas (as a regulated monopoly) to have a 24 hour service line? Is my anger worth the work that would require? Yes, if costs Washington Gas money and resources to fight it.


Oh no, this sucks. I would be red-faced too.

What a bunch of bastard people!!

Yes, Yes!

Bastard People! That's what they are...
And to think their budget is only $16,000 and that includes swimming!
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