Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Prez Touts Alternative Energy Sources

Just Remember He Doesn't Mean It Literally....

President Bush is touring some alternative energy plants today in Michigan and Colorado. Batteries and solar seem to be the topic dejour. Only problem is that the solar plant was in the red and about to lay off a bunch of people..but solar is no GM and the government stepped in with a bailout (albeit a small one).

The lab, with a looming $28 million budget shortfall, had announced it was cutting its staff by 32 people, including eight researchers. But in advance of Bush's visit, Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman over the weekend directed the transfer of $5 million to the private contractor that runs the lab, so the jobs can be saved.

Okay, besides solar power being an eternal 'fringe' technology, this whole things smacks of a Potemkin Village. A company that can't make a profit is arguably, in Bush's words, "not making a relvant product." So I'm a bit skeptical on the 'startling' breakthroughs. I am confident however, that scientists will soon develop a hyrbid car that runs on fetal stem cells and cures parkinson's disease. On the conservation side, we probably could save a ton of energy by turning off all those darned TVs in the Situation Room.

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