Friday, March 31, 2006


Weekend Reading

Cherry Blossom Edition:

DC will be filling up this weekend with tourists bused in to gawk at the annual cherry blossom spectacular. I'll be avoiding downtown. But in th spirit of things 'blooming' and's the return of the Friday feature..."Weekend Reading". Enjoy!

Blossoms and booze
The arrival of spring raises an important question. Is it better to admire the cherry blossoms drunk or sober? In Japan, the consensus is “drunk”. When the sakura bloom, Japanese people sit in parks getting raucously sloshed and contemplating the transience of life, as symbolised by those briefly spectacular flowers. Everyone agrees that alcohol heightens the experience.
Not so in Washington, DC. America's

(Is it just me or does the Japanese way sound about right?- Elephant)

Show of Independence
Why can't Republicans stand up to Bush when it really matters? The good news is Republican members of Congress finally stood up to President Bush. The bad news is they picked an issue where he was right and they were wrong.

GM's Twilight:
Things just keep getting worse...Delphi has said that if a settlement weren't negotiated by Thursday, it would file a motion Friday in bankruptcy court to void its labor contracts.

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