Friday, April 28, 2006


Gas Prices

GOP Led Government To Solve All My Problems...

I think a vast majority of us voters/consumers have a pretty good grip on why gas prices are high and know that if anything, government attempts to provide some sort of quick fix will likely only succeed at making things worse. But of course that doesn't stop the media frenzy and idiot politicians on both sides of the aisle from fanning the flames.

What is most shocking to me is that the GOP majority is seriously considering issuing $100 rebate' checks to every taxpayer...WTF?! So can I know expect that every time gas prices or other utility prices rise, the federal government will bail me out? Who is coming up with the GOP agenda the ghost of Lyndon Johnson?! (Of course we know it isn't the Ghost of Lyndon Johnson since he SPENT LESS MONEY expanding government during the Great Society than the current GOP is.)...This is what the sad state of GOP Theocratic Socialism has led us to.

Of course we all know that high gas prices are really caused by GAY MARRIAGE AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

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