Tuesday, May 02, 2006


You Have Got to be Kidding Me?

Why not a "Fealty Day"...

Sigh...It's funny now how I have no expectations of anything remotely conservative (at least in the sense of what that means policy wise) from the GOP majority. In case you missed it, last Sunday was officiallly "Loyalty Day" as declared by President Bush. Yes, Loyalty Day.

I can see perhaps relfecting upon a Patriot's Day (September 11), but Loyalty Day? There used to be a time when loyalty, from a GOP perspective, mean questioning just about every aspect of the government, if it worked, if it was better performed by the markets, etc. Now we get "Loyalty Day," where I guess the goal is to not question anything the goverment does at all.

Under the current Administration, have we grown so insecure as a country that we have to have a national day to pledge loyalty to the government and its actions? That we're somehow denigrated when people sing our national anthem in another language? (Can you imagine how moving it would be to have it sung in Mandarin in Tianamen Square back in the day?!). A lot of pundits like to promote the idea that liberals are all soft and whimpy, but it seems to me that this administration, and its remaining supporters, are so insure it's beyond laughable. So many missed opportunities and so little chance of anything turning around in the next three years.

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