Tuesday, January 02, 2007


New Beginnings

New Beginnings....

The Christmas/ New Year's Holiday has always been my favorite time of year. The focus is on all the great things that are to come- be it a Savior, longer days, warmer weather, gifts!, or even just the fresh start of a new year. e.g

Person #1:"This is going to be a crappy year"

Elephant: "Yes, but it will be different and exciting!"

Person #1: "How so?"

Elephant: "This year ends in a "7"."

Person #1: "Wazza Wazza?!"

For me 2006 has been a year of new beginnings and I'm excited to take on the challenges that await in 2007. Some of my more interesting accomplishments in '06?

I quit smoking!

A pack a day smoker for nearly 18 years, I decided it was time. (Thanks to a book recommendation from Midgie.) The whole process of quitting (more of a moment than process) was positive and fairly easy. If you thinking about quitting, please pick up a copy of 3he Easy Way to Quit Smoking by Allen Carr.

I got a new job!

Ok this one comes with a bit more emotional baggage than quitting smoking, but still feels pretty good. While I enjoyed my position working as a lobbyist for private clubs, and the associated issues of freedom of association, my old boss was running the place into the ground.

The breaking point came in August, when a questionable new hire's insubordination went without recourse by my CEO. At the time I was pretty clear with the CEO on my bottom line. The alleged employee should be suspended and required to apologize in line with our policy manual. (Pretty generous on my part if you ask me). She did nothing, and left me with a sort of take it or leave it attitude. So I sent out a few resumes, said a little prayer and viola! An interesting and challenging new job in less than a month (more on that later). The coup de grace? My reports all got new jobs too!

I started my own "Business"

Ok, while this statement is true, I have to admit that this wasn't on purpose. When I left my old job, a couple of clubs contacted me it do some legal work for them. Thus, my new sideline of legal work. This year I plan on growing this authoring some niche legal monographs, penning articles for trade press and working with a partner to develop a specialty legal website. Of course this is all made easier by the death of television (but that's a whole other topic)....

Now that the season of expectation is over, it's down to the brass tacks of implementation. While setting off on this new journey will be fun, switching from the "what ifs" to the "How's and when's" can be a bit challenging...especially after the slow Holiday week.

But move forward we must. So here is to success in 2007. My it be a fruitful year for you and those close to you.

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