Friday, January 26, 2007


So, Cold

So Very Cold!

Ok, maybe not Minnesota or Michigan cold, but certainly an end to the warm spell here in DC. It is 18 degrees outside. Brr!
My crocuses, which were in bloom, are now freeze dried. And my heating bills are likely to return to their 'normal' stratospheric levels...bummer.

I have however, done my part for the environment this year. I don't own a car and commute to my job on the subway (although I think the fact I fly a lot makes up for that). Second, I had a programmable thermostat installed. This has been a godsend. At night and while I am at work it drops the temps a couple degrees...raising it up to a comfortable level in the mornings and when I get home from work. The net savings on my gas usage has been around 30%, even factoring in the unusually warm weather (my peak heating costs are just above $500/mo so this is a welcome savings). Additionally, I replaced all my outdoor lighting with compact fluorescents and some of my indoor lighting as well. Go me!

Perhaps this explains the sudden cold snap?

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