Monday, April 09, 2007


Wither Michigan?

A Slow Death?

A couple of reports out of Michigan aren't doing much to lift my spirits on the future of my home state. First is this report that, although struggling with a nearly $1 billion dollar budget deficit, the state Dems are proposing to buy each and every kid in the public schools an iPod. Of course a tax increase will be needed to accomplish this 'visionary' plan.

Next comes news that yet another jewel of Michigan's economy may be bought out. Drudge reports that Dow is the subject of a hostel take over. That follows the loss of K-Mart, Home Depot, Chrysler and the ongoing struggles of GM and Ford. Just how bad are things in Michigan? Bad enough that my eldest brother and his family are actively considering moving to the Carolinas. I left more than 14 years ago, my folks are only part year residents and my younger brother and his wife (both nurses) could leave at any time. My family has been in Michigan since it was a territory. Within the next year or so, all of them could easily be living in other states.

Too bad. The public school system is world class. That and the public universities in the state gave me an education that allows me to compete with the best and brightest. No opportunities to stay in the state however and it looks like there will be even fewer.

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