Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Cruel Summer: Let the games begin

Well, here we go. The 9-11 commission findings are starting to dribble out, and my Grand Old Party is already starting to cry foul. It's too bad to, from what we've heard in the press today Al-Queda is scarier than we thought, but of course in an election year the focus will be on the semantics of Bush's claim that there was a pre-9/11 connection between Al-Queda and Iraq. The commission says there wasn't, Republicans (some of whom I've worked with an respect) say it doesn't matter, the connection is that they both hated america. Um...ok?!

Come on guys, as the majority party, you passed the legisation creating the commission, the President signed it and it has a great balance of prominent members. But, as I learned in law school, if you can't win on message, attack the messenger. Can't wait to hear how the republicans on the commission aren't 'true' republicans.

Here's the first shot on the 9/11 Commission battle.

Here's a link to information on the 9/11 Commission

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