Wednesday, June 16, 2004


My Pick for President in 2004

Yup, Elehpant is no longer on the edge. I think there's one candidate that can save us from rampant partisanship, battle evil doers and guide us with his faith.

If I weren't going to vote for Bush, I would vote for Cooper.

Oh, wait, in MD, we've got electronic voting, and therefore there is NO capability to write in your vote...

Try living in DC...Although I'm down on Bush, even if I decided to vote for him, it would'nt really count.

I miss Indiana...
Lots of Heart-of-America Conservatives, and Steak-n-Shakes and Whitecastles. (yum!)

I miss Texas...
Lots of occassionally-more-eccentric-than-Heart-of-America Conservatives, and great BBQ.

I miss California...
Well, except for the great mountain roads for high-performance driving, I guess I don't miss California all that much. California can keep its residents, or the "children of the sun" as they called themselves.

D.C., except for presence of the relatively frequent Republican Presidents and some cool museums, doesn't have all that much going for itself.

As for voting...

Apparently the only place an individual voter has much chance of counting is in Florida, where (after you factor-out the incompetent voters) the electorate is just about evenly split, and Chicago, where, if you're a Democrat, you can keep voting until you make a difference!

Maryland also has interesting election, ahem, characteristics... There was significant evidence that the previous Governor of Maryland (Paris Spendening, er, Glendening) did a great deal of campaigning in cemetaries.

Did you know that all dead people vote for Democrats?

Shocking, I know, but true.
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