Friday, June 18, 2004


Violent Agreement?

Why is Bush Being Confrontational on the Iraqi-Al Queda Question?

I was ruminating yesterday on the white house's repeated announcements that despite the 9/11 commission reports, they still believed that there was a link between Al-Queda and Saadam's Iraq pre-9/11. I read the remarks on Fox, Cnn, Washington Times and the Post, and thought it odd that this was becoming such a big deal. NPR got the story straight, they're the only channel that played Bush's full quote, which I paraphrase.

"This administration never claimed that Iraq participated in the 9/11 attacks, but that they had repeated contacts with Al-Queda." True enough, which pretty much means that the 9/11 commission and the administration seem to be in agreement here. Sad that the only one who got the story straight was the allegedly communist run NPR.

Although Bush's confrontational tone on the issue is clouding his message.

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