Tuesday, July 06, 2004


All Things Just Keep Gettin' Better...In DC

Killings in D.C. at 20-Year Low Point

Well, we don't have a vote in Congress and we've recently had a convicted felon as a mayor, but things continue to look up in the city I call home. The housing market continues to sizzle, more and more folks are looking at DC as a place to live, and shops and cafes continue to open up at a rapid pace. 14th Street between Mass. and U. streets is emerging as the new hip area to shop, eat and see a band, the change is so remarkable considering that just a few years ago 14th street was one of those areas you went to only to go to the "Black Cat" to see a really good band.

Now the WaPo is reporting that our murder rate is at a 20 year low. Horray!


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