Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Heading for the Hills

It's getting rather Kooky in DC

Well, Thursday's the big day, and I sincerely hope that everyone who is in DC to celebrate Pres. Bush's inauguration has a great time. But Elephant will be spending Thursday in an undisclosed location. (Getting some quality time in with the TiVo).

Inaugural festivities can be fun for the uninitiated. Dressing up in your finery, heading to a glamorous location to dine in a banquet setting with big named politicians and C-list celebrities, while networking with true insiders who can help your career.

Or of course, after attending such events over the years, one could have a more jaundiced view. Cramming your expanding waistline into your old tuxedo and heading off to some windowless ballroom to drink watered down drinks, eat a rubber chicken dinner while a bad bands plays blandish songs. Hanging with with a bunch of people you already spend way to much time with and who'll call you next week for another $2,000 donation for some lame cause or angle on getting some lucrative consulting contract from your office.

The reality is these things are a little of both and usually fun none-the-lees. But Elephant isn't really a huge fan of Bush's policies, so rather than hitting the circuit and toadying up to folks, I'm staying home. But here's hoping for a prosperous four years for all Americans.


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