Friday, July 29, 2005


Jamboree of Terror!

Are the Boy Scouts the "Missing White, blond Girl" Story of the Summer?

As we all know we were beaten over the head by BIG MEDIA last summer at each and every turn with stories of shark attacks in Florida. Now my recollection is that there were no more shark attacks last year than in any other year, but the distoring lens of the media (and their incredible inability to think before they speak) verged on hysteria. Or worse, every time some blond white chick goes missing..the media is all over it.

I've noticed something this week. It seems that just about every couple of hours, something bad..dare I say tragic is happening to some Boy Scout Troop somewhere. First it was the electrocutions at the Bi-enial Jamboree, then the scouts were dropping like flies in the 100(F) heat awaiting the arrival of POTUS (Who decided not to show up) also at this Jamboree. Now more terror for the troops as a lightening strike hits a troop in California.

Here's a list of stories from the past few weeks...just one tragedy after if purberty, and being a Boy Scout wasn't hard enough...

Lightning in park kills 1, hurts 7 on Sequoia scout outing

Heat Strikes Scouts Awaiting Bush

Four Scout leaders killed at Fort A.P. Hill.

Boy Scouts fall ill at N.H. camp

Dozens of Boy Scouts get sick at (Colorado ) camp

Boy Scouts’ camping gear stolen (Florida)

Boy Scouts suffer a bad deed: New Castle troop's camp gear stolen

Storm attacks scouts

Belgium to ban Boy Scouts from killing chickens
Senate majority leader addresses scout jamboree

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