Tuesday, January 10, 2006



Where Credit is Due..

Ok, despite calling Washington Gas this morning at 10 am and requesting that they send out a 'drip' truck to pull the water out of my gas line (same problem every time), they sent a guy without a drip truck...but of course! He was quite nice however, and he did inform me that my house is becoming quite the legend within the WG road crews. Even when I call the Washington Gas outage line (open Mon to Fri - 8 to 5pm for my inconvenience) the associates there seem to know the whole story know. Some cryptic spray paint marks on the lawn and a missing chunck of sidewalk also seem to indicate that progress is being made, though heaven forbid they actually tell me the customer what's going on. Who knows...perhaps it is time to put up the "Footprints" poem and just pray.

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