Monday, April 03, 2006



Fix it, don't make it worse....

Senator Frist is calling for a vote on immigration "reform" legislation this week. The challenge is whether the Senate will work to fix a broken system, or follow the House's lead and make things worse.

Earlier, the House approved a bill that would make all illegal immigrants felons and build a wall along the border. This feel good legislation, would in essence, declare that a population roughly the size of the entire state of Ohio are criminals, would criminalize employers who employ any undocumented worker and would build a wall along the border. Of course this all comes with the promise that it wouldn't impact the economy at all. That's right, take Ohio out of the economy, deport more than 11 million people, and everything will be just us!

President Bush has a better idea. (YES, I AM SAYING THIS!). Give these folks, who risked life and limb to come here (albeit illegally) to redeem themselves through a guest worker program. That's the essence of one of the two bills pending in the Senate. The McCain/Kennedy bill embodies the principles of President Bush's guest worker program, the Frist Bill is a repeat of the House's impossible legislation. Here's hoping the Senate does the right thing this week.

Even if they do, they'll still have to reconcile the legislation with the House's...

Here's hoping....

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