Friday, June 18, 2004


Weekend Reading

Kerry Faces the World

In early February I sat in a Starbucks in downtown Washington with Dan Feldman, who is helping to organize Senator John Kerry's foreign-policy team. We discussed Kerry's vision of America's role in the world, and the people who might play important roles in his Administration if he is elected President, touching on everything from the crucial issue of Iraq and the simmering crises in North Korea and Iran to NATO and the proper balance between international alliances and the brute force necessary to secure American interests abroad—collectively, the foreign-policy questions that are central to the next election, and to the next four years.

Enterprise prepares for lift-off

A rocket backed by a high-tech entrepreneur is about to attempt the first commercial manned flight beyond the earth’s atmosphere—just as a commission set up by President Bush has called for NASA to hand over many space-exploration activities to the private sector ...

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