Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Suggestions for Thursday

This Month's Atlantic is Just, Well Stellar!

Regular readers will know that Elephant is a huge fan of the Atlantic Monthly. Oh, many will claim it's because I've been fortunate to have spent some time with the magazine's publisher as his guest at the Kennedy Center Honors, or cavorting on junkets to St. Bart's, but seriously, it's a rare publication that actually challenges my conceptions from time to time.

This months issue is just stellar. It's their State of the Union issue and is chocked full of great stuff on the economy, terrorism, social issues and such. Do your self a huge favor and go grab a copy this week. It's very interesting reading.

Ten Years Later (Incredibly long future-terrorism article by Richard Clarke)
“Then the second wave of al-Qaeda attacks hit America� A leading expert on counterterrorism imagines the future history of the war on terror. A frightening picture of a country still at war in 2011


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